3D Modeling

Naturally, I am doing a lot of 3D work during the game development phase – this includes Modeling, UV-Mapping and Texturing as well as importing the assets into the engine and preparing them for in game use. For my modeling I use Autodesk Maya, for rendering Ambient Occlusion and Normal[…]

Icon Design

Designing Icons is an essential part of my work as an Interface Designer, as it always comes down to creating unique and consistent icons, that clearly communicate what they stand for. This can be challenging to do, while staying in a specific art style, but also rewarding when the work[…]

Games I’ve worked on

Dust of History (2012) While still in University, I already worked on two bigger game projects. The first one was Dust of History. It was a Realtime Strategy Game (2D/3D mix), set in the Age of Colonialism, and featured our own Java-based 3D Engine, Procedural Terrain Generation, Network- and AI[…]

Designing Sets

When designing assets for games, they often need to follow specific guidelines, whether they are part of a larger set of similar assets or a progression in some way, like different levels of the same item. There are various ways to handle that task – most of the time I[…]

Mobile Graphics

Two of my first major projects as a game artist turned out to be Mobile Games – both of which were 3D. What I’ve learned from that is, while seeming a more easy job to handle, 3D work for Mobile is actually more difficult, because you are very limited in[…]

PBR-Texturing with Quixel Suite

One of my more recent fields of work is PBR-Texturing with DDO and NDO, both part of the Quixel Suite. Quixel Suite is a combination of programs to create Normal Maps and other Texture Maps for 3D Models based on real-world materials. Instead of creating the various Maps by hand,[…]

User Interface Design

Besides 3D work, I also do a lot of User Interface Design for Games and other applications. This goes from quick Mockups for preview and presentation purposes to fully outlining and defining every interface element, like Windows, Buttons, Grids, Bars, Sliders etc. in all stages of animation and transition for[…]

About me

Hello there! I am Adrian, a game enthuasiast, 3D and 2D game artist, currently working as Head of Graphics Development for KORION – based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. My work includes 3D Modeling, Texturing, UI Design, Prototyping, developing Visual Concepts as well as Game Design in general. While you are here,[…]