Games I’ve worked on

Dust of History (2012)


While still in University, I already worked on two bigger game projects. The first one was Dust of History. It was a Realtime Strategy Game (2D/3D mix), set in the Age of Colonialism, and featured our own Java-based 3D Engine, Procedural Terrain Generation, Network- and AI combat. While this was certainly a very ambitious project (for a 3-4 person team), the next project, Return of the Gods, was even more ambitious in nearly every respect.

Return of the Gods (2013)


A protoype for a Mobile Arena Game, set in a post-apocalyptic environment, that was to be played out in the real world, with real people. It took actual cartographic information (terrain. buildings, roads, landmarks…) from OpenStreetMaps and tracked movements of players via GPS. It also generated a 3D map with elevation, 3D objects, even procedurally generated ruin walls on the outlines of existing buildings, on the mobile device. It had everything to make development mind-bendingly complex: 3D Graphics on Mobile, Procedural Generation, Mobile Networking, GPS tracking and the parsing of OpenStreetMap Markup into valid Game Data. The project became very big, won an award – but then difficulties took over and it never got around to being released.

Conquest of the Seven Seas (2014)

While working  on my thesis, I took a job at KORION in Ludwigsburg, Germany. My first project there was Conquest of the Seven Seas. My tasks were creating 3D ships and buildings that were then rendered in an isometric camera to be used as sprites in this 2D strategy browser game. Apart from that, I worked on designing the User Interface as well as some Game Design aspects.

Space Battle Core (2015-2017)


Space Battle Core is a space exploration/strategy game for Mobile and PC. Your spaceships can be constructed from different modules across various factions, each with their own specific traits and abilities.¬† It will be will be released into Early Access this Summer on Steam. Besides doing a lot of 3D modeling and texturing, I also designed large parts the UI, made a trailer and also the game’s website.

Wizadora (2017)

Wizadora is a learning game for children for Mobile (iOS, Android) and PC/Browser. Besides that designing the user interface, this project also had a more technical side to it since it was intended to run on multiple platforms, including browsers and the iPad 2. Memory consumption and graphics load had to be kept to a minimum, to ensure performance on those systems.

The Dark Side of the Moon (2017)

For The Dark Side of the Moon, a Sci-Fi-Survival Game, developed at Stuttgart Media University, I did some additional 3D props such as maintenance tools, posters, clothing and of course the infamous Admiral Snack Bar.

Of Ships & Scoundrels (2019)

As Creative Director of Of Ships & Scoundrels I worked not only on nearly every visual aspect of the game: environments, 3D Assets and Interface, but also as a Game Designer and Story Writer.